Strip undervisning Polterabend København, Sjælland, Fyn, Lolland, Jylland.

Vil du have strip undervisning?

Strip undervisning til polterabend i København, Sjælland, Fyn, Lolland, samt i Jylland.

Stripundervisning er et morsomt indslag til en polterabend.
Forestil dig gommen blive undervist af en laber storbarmet stripper i ‘intimbevægelser med underlivet’ – I dør af grin!

Vi har samlet de bedste undervisere i Danmark. Tag et kig!

Lad os lære dig at strippe – eller blive bedre til at strippe.

Vi har erfarne stripundervisninger der er klar til at undervise – på alle niveauer.

Hurtig Booking  og god Pris.


Strip lections for bachelor party in Copenhagen, Zealand, Fyn, Lolland, and in Jutland.

We have gathered the best teachers in Denmark. Take a look!

Let’s teach you how to strip – or get better at striping.

We have experienced strip lessons that are ready to teach – at all levels.

Strip lessons can also take the form of “group teaching” where the stripper teaches the entire company.
The boss has hired a stripper and surprises the staff for the company’s annual summer party: The whole choir should be instructed to wiggle the ass to the notes of  Ricky  Martin  – there is no eye dry!

Strip lessons are a fun feature for a bachelor party.
Imagine the palate being taught by a lazy big-bellied stripper in “intimate movements with the abdomen” – you die of loafing !

Miss Mills